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Our Top Reasons to Carry Your Child 
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Look, no hands!

Babies don't usually want to be put down in those first few months, slings mean you can get on with the important things, like lunch!

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Easy feeding

With a bit of practice you can feed your baby whilst on the move in a sling. So you can do the school run or play with your other children without missing a beat! 

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Using a sling can encourage bonding and the release of Oxytocin, the happy hormone. It allows parents to keep babies close and safe. 

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Tired Toddlers 

We all know toddlers want to walk everywhere... until you want them to go anywhere! A sling allows you to go exploring without having to worry about how you'll make it home! 

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Walking with a baby in a sling can burn double the calories of walking alone.

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Carrying your baby in a sling aids both their physical and mental development, including speech and language skills. 

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