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"I came across Bryony on a local recommendations site. Having really struggled to get my first child to settle in a sling, coupled with the fact that I have a 3 year old, a new baby who won’t be put down and only one set of hands, I desperately needed some advice.

Bryony was absolutely incredible, taking me through a variety of options, giving advice on the existing slings I had inherited that had that turned out to be too big for such a small baby and helping me try on a number of her slings to hire. My little one loved the sling I hired and normal service was able to resume in my household!


Bryony offered ongoing support, helping me move to other slings as his size changed and I got more of a sense of what worked for us.


She has really gone above and beyond and I genuinely believe that without her efforts my household (and my sanity) would have ground to a halt over the last couple of months!! She’s amazing and it’s an incredible service"

    Polly Gerrard Wright -Oxfordshire         

My husband and I absolutely loved our consultation with Bryony. We always knew we wanted a sling to carry around our newborn but didn’t know where to start. Our choice was also complicated by having a small baby and me recovering from a c-section delivery.

Bryony was so patient and sensitive and really listened to what we were looking for. She found us the perfect soft, fabric sling to carry our little one and ensure that he was safe and I was comfortable.

We received our sling today in such beautiful wrapping and cannot wait to use it for lots of snuggles this winter.

Thank you so much Bryony! We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a sling!

 - Jessica Sutton - Wallingford

"My husband returned to work after the birth of our daughter when she was 3 weeks old. He had done everything in the home whilst I recovered from a few complications and was caring for our daughter.

Being a fiercely independent person I wanted to do things for myself and not leave it all for when my hubby came home after a difficult day at work, but my daughter is an absolute cuddle monster!

She would only fall asleep on me or in my arms and within minutes of putting her down in her Moses basket, she would be wide awake and yelling for me!

Our little girl was just 6 weeks old when I asked Bryony for help with a sling to suit us!

She came in with an enormous suitcase of so many different varieties of slings! After looking through them and trying them on with help and instruction from Bryony we settled on a caboo.

20 minutes later I ate my lunch, - HOT and with both hands! While our little girl snuggled up to me - I was free!

That evening, at the risk of sounding like a 50's house wife, I was able to make dinner for myself and my hubby for when he got in! My little lady was happy to still be snuggled to mummy, but as important, mummy felt she had accomplished something!

Thank you Bryony and Slingsbee you really saved and continue to save my sanity. We will be back for more help and guidance on carrying as Eleanor grows up and I can use different styles of slings!"

               Claire Rugg - Kidlington 

Great consultation! Able to look at lots of different slings and get the perfect one for us. Definitely recommend :)

  Vicki Kate - Benson

Thank you so much for today! Already changed my life, garden finished and baby asleep in the cot in the evening!!!

Thanks again, you are a miracle worker, genuinely changed my life!

 - Charley - Goring 

Don't just take our word for it......
Bryony has helped me with finding the right solution for my single baby previously and has now helped me with a twin carrier.

It was great getting her expertise and she ensured I was able to carry safely and comfortably. Really recommend a session.

 - Annette Martin - RAF Benson 

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