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Slingsbee is me, Bryony, B to those who know me.

I started out with slings when I was volunteering for my local NCT branch when I was pregnant with my biggest boy. I took over their sling library with absolutely no idea what I was doing and slowly taught myself roughly how to put on a sling. I quickly realised how useful slings were going to be to me after having a baby who like so many didn't ever want to be put down (they don't tell you that bit do they!) and I started using slings daily. I grew the library from a once a month meet to twice weekly sessions and made the decision to open a private consultancy in 2018. This was to allow me to offer more extensive and in depth assistance to parents and to have more freedom in the services I could offer. 

I have 4 children and have learned so much about carrying with each of them, number 3 and 4 are twins and that was a whole new level of carrying for me!

But my love of slings has only grown and I honestly don't know what I would have done without them, there would certainly have been many more tears (and believe me there were already enough!) along the way. I honestly think there is no piece of kit that will help you more along your way than a good sling and that really is why I do this, I love seeing the look on new parents faces when they realise they can finally do something more than wonder aimlessly around the house trying to jiggle a sad baby. 

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