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Gift Vouchers

Don't want to buy another cuddly toy?

Our gift vouchers make great baby shower presents. Instead of that oh so cute but slightly impractical outfit, why not allow new parents to eat their dinner with both hands? Or to be able to pop into the shop without putting together the 20 piece travel system that seemed so easy to do when you'd had more than two hours sleep?!

Don't forget Dads!

We all know Dads can feel a little left out sometimes and let's be honest, they love a gadget so why not put him in charge of slings? He can snuggle the baby and make Mum a cup of tea at the same time. Everyone's a winner! 

Grandparent Duty

With grandparents taking on more and more childcare, slings can be the perfect way to allow them to charge without taking everything but the kitchen sink too. And we all know they love the extra cuddles! 

Childcare Providers

If you know the only way your baby will settle is in a sling, why not buy a voucher for their childcare provider to allow them to carry on your baby's routine?

How to Buy?

We have now introduced gift vouchers for any amount you like. Just £10.00 will buy sling hire for a week! Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any sling, coat, consultation or hire so they are a brilliant present for someone who may not be sure what they are looking for. As always I am on hand to advise recipients and help them choose what's best for them.

If you would like to buy a gift voucher for someone please do so below or on our shop page. If the amount you are hoping for isn't listed please just pop me an email and I'll sort it for you.

We can send gift cards directly to the lucky recipient or to you to pass on yourself. Please just make sure you put the address of where you would like it sent in the information boxes when you pay.

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