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Choosing to carry your baby is an easy decision but choosing how to do it can be a bit of a minefield. I take the stress and expense out of choosing the right carrier for you by showing you the latest and best carriers and spending time going through your needs and wants before trying on and fitting suitable carriers. You then get to keep your favourite for two weeks and have ongoing email and phone support during this time. At the end of the two weeks you've hopefully made your decision about which carrier you would like to buy. You can then buy through me at a discounted price or source the carrier yourself.  

My love of slings was born when I had my first baby and like so many he just didn't want to be put down. Slings helped me regain control of my day and give me the confidence to get out and about. 3 more babies later and slings are still a part of my daily life. I am fully trained sling consultant with years of experience. I started out running an NCT library and then trained with Babywearing UK, starting Slingsbee in 2018. I can help you choose the right carrier for you and your family and make babywearing work for you. 

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