The Beco Ring Sling is perfect for first-time parents looking for a simple and afforable carrying option, or parents looking for an additional "emergency" carrier to keep in the car or under the buggy.

The 100% cotton weave, single-layer ring sling is easy to use, supportive and versatile - great for infant cuddles or for bigger babies with head control, hip carriers - super convenient when your toddler is at the 'up and down' stage! 

With large rings, gathered shoulder and coloured sitching marking the top rail, fitting and adjustment is seamless, helping you to maintain an upright, supportive position for baby, while distributing their weight evenly across your shoulder and back.

Suitable from birth-through-to-toddler, machine washable and provided with handy safety tips and instructions, the Beco Ring Sling is a super option for on-the-go parenting!

Beco Ring Sling